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At ManuFlo, our top priority is ensuring customer satisfaction by offering comprehensive flow meter solutions. Our team is dedicated to meeting your requirements, providing services such as flow meter verification and calibration. With over 30 years of industry expertise, ManuFlo specialises in delivering high-quality flow meter solutions across various applications. Our product range includes electronic, electromagnetic, and batch flow meters, catering to diverse industries such as agricultural irrigation, chemical, industrial, and water management. 

Please choose from our ex-stock selection of KMS mag flow meters, renowned for their precision and versatility. Whether you need the Magflow sensor or the Mag Transmitter, our comprehensive range offers multiple options and outputs to cater to your needs. Trust in our products to deliver accurate and efficient measurements for your water, effluent, and sewerage applications. 


We can customise our magnetic flow meters to suit your requirements with flexible design options, including flanged or sandwich configurations and a range of liners and electrode materials. Unlock new possibilities with our battery-operated magnetic flow meter. This innovative solution enables precise water meter installations in any location without compromising accuracy or performance. 


Our comprehensive flow meter range covers various applications, including agricultural irrigation flow meters, flow meters for water pipes, chemical flow meters, and high-pressure flow meters. We have the right solution if you require flow meters for milk, water, beer brewing, fuel measurement, or wastewater metering.

We offer a range that covers the food and beverage industry. This sanitary-designed flow meter ensures easy cleaning and compliance with the industry’s stringent standards.


Regarding wastewater management, our electromagnetic flow meters are an ideal choice. Designed to deliver accurate measurement and reliable performance, they are well-suited for wastewater applications. We also offer cost-effective options, including affordable electromagnetic flow meters that do not compromise quality.


In the chemical, process, and pharmaceutical sectors, our KMS excels. Built with corrosion-resistant stainless steel and highly resistant liners and electrodes, it delivers exceptional performance and durability in demanding environments. 

When you choose the proper magnetic flow meter for your business, our friendly sales team at ManuFlo is here to help you. Contact us today for a quote or additional information, and let us help you find the perfect flow meter solution for your needs.


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