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NDU – Nutrient Dispensing Unit Datasheets

ManuFlo Nutrient Dosing Dispenser Unit (Norprim)

Due to request by farmers who still use the old systems, ManuFlo are producing a limited run of new units NDU-v3 units. We will now also continue to provide ongoing support of existing units and provide reconditioning and repairs of the systems and parts.

ManuFlo are the original designers & manufacturers of 4 versions of Norprim NDU Nutrient Dosing Dispenser Units. The first unit was designed by Tony & Alex Manu in consultation with the NT-Arid Zone reseach institute and Qld-DPIF with Keith Hill and Jack Peart. Then later commercialised in association with ex Norprim -Mike Peart, ManuFlo designed NDU-V3.

The 4th Generation V4 unit was made for Adam McEvoy of Norprim. This was a keypad smart microprocessor version. This unit not only accepted pulse input from the water flowmeter, but also in lieu of timed pump dosing of nutrient, incorporated input for nutrient flowmeter via pulsed volume as well as acid control and other features.

The units allow dosing of liquid nutrient blended with the water for livestock applications (known as water medication).

The 3rd version introduced in 1990’s was the most poular unit due to its simplicity of operation safety features and reliability. Many are still used 20+ years later. Due to the critical nature of dosing nutrient into the livestock drinking water, ManuFlo incoporated many safety features into the control unit to safeguard against overdose of nutrient due to any possible equipment failures. This makes the ManuFlo unit one of the safest systems at the time.

The NDU-v3 relies on a flowmeter (RPFS insertion rotor-wheel or MEHR1 multijet or METP turbine flowmeters) to return signals during water flow, the volume of water passed is selectable via the front switches from 0-99 litres passed. Based on volume passed the unit then triggers and drives the Johnson nutrient dosing pump to dispense for a selectable 0-9 seconds of pump time. Each second of pumpe time represents a known volume of urea. E.g. 1 sec =100mls of urea. The farmer thus uses a formula to dose the desired blend of urea(nutrient) per parts of water to medicate the livestock.

Water medication reports – historical records (Government & Associations)