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Maximise your batching applications with our high-quality Flowmeters. We have the perfect solution for a single or multi-channel batching system. Our batch controllers are designed to optimise your workflow and provide accurate measurements for precise control.


What sets us apart from our competitors using the term “Batch Flow Meters” is our comprehensive range of options. In addition to Turbine Flowmeters, we offer Oval Gear Flowmeters and Electromagnetic Flowmeters that are ideally suited for various fluids and flow rates. This ensures you can find the ideal flowmeter to meet your requirements.


When it comes to batching systems, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. Our complete batching system consists of a Flowmeter, Batch Controller, and Solenoid Valve. With the ability to pre-set the desired quantity, our Batch Controller ensures seamless operation throughout the batching process. When you initiate the cycle, the controller activates the valve and, if necessary, the pump. This allows the product to flow through the meter, generating a signal accurately reflecting the quantity. Once the specified amount has passed, the controller signals the valve to close and the pump to stop, completing an entire batch cycle. Our system is designed for easy repetition after resetting the controller, ensuring a streamlined workflow.


We understand that choosing the suitable flowmeter for your application is very important. That’s why we offer expert technical advice to guide you in selecting the most suitable option. 


Unlock the full potential of your batching applications with our top-of-the-line Turbine Flowmeters. Place your trust in our expertise and experience the difference. Get in touch with us today!


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