Variable area flowmeters


Are you in search of the perfect flow measurement solution? Look no further! At Manuflo, we offer an extensive selection of Variable Area Flowmeters that can be tailored to match your specific needs.

  • Unmatched Versatility: Our Variable Area Flowmeters are designed to accommodate many process gases and liquids. Plus, they can be customised to align with your unique application perfectly.


  • Proven in Diverse Industries: Trusted across various sectors, our rotameters are manufactured with precision and have found success in industries such as veterinary, scientific, water treatment, gas and oil production, human medical anaesthesia, aviation, pharmaceuticals, pollution control, scientific analysis, education, and more.


  • The Superiority of Rotameters: Rotameters offer several advantages over traditional flow meters. They are simple to install and maintain, feature a flexible linear scale, maintain a low-pressure drop, and boast an excellent measuring range, making them one of the market’s most popular flow measurement solutions.


  • Simplicity Meets Reliability: In many cases, simplicity equates to reliability. With the rotameter’s straightforward design, you benefit from ease of operation and fewer components that require replacement over time.


  • The Variable Area Principle: Our rotameters operate on the simple variable area principle. The float moves within a tapered tube, responding to the buoyancy and velocity head of the liquid. For gases, the velocity head alone influences the float’s position.


  • Installation Flexibility: While most rotameters or variable area flow meters are gravity-dependent and typically mounted vertically, we offer alternatives like spring-loaded options. Some of our Rotameters can even be mounted horizontally, providing installation flexibility.


  • Selecting Your Ideal Flowmeter: To make the right choice, consider key application details such as the product to be metered, minimum and maximum flow rates, nominal pipe diameter, operating temperature & pressure, and whether your application requires flow regulation with a valve.


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ManuFlo is your go-to source for premium rotameters throughout Australia. Our experts are eager to help you choose the best product for your unique application.



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