Chemical Admixture Measurement Guides

Profile of Involvement

ManuFlo is a major manufacturer & supplier of flowmetering / batch control / PLC interface equipment used for the measurement and dispensing of construction chemical admixtures in the Asian / Australian/NZ & Pacific regions. Other markets include South America, the Middle-East and northern Europe. The major chemical admixture producers/suppliers use our equipment in some form in various country locations worldwide to dispense chemicals.

Our equipment has been used in admix production plants, admix distribution networks (mobile tankers), final dispensing of admixtures at pre-mix concrete production plants, and onsite at construction projects worldwide since 1965.

To date, measuring day after day worldwide, there are over 40,000 of our Admixture Flowmeters, 15,000 batch controllers and 5,000 various interface cards used in Computer/PLC controlled Batch Plants. On admix delivery tankers and admix production plants, over 1000 Electromagnetic flowmeters are in use. On continuous dosing and shotcrete applications, over 1000 of our Flowrate/total indicators are used. And many more and varied applications use our products – thousands of Premix Concrete Plants, Block Plants, Tile Plants, Quarries, and Production plants have Manflo equipment installed for their liquid measurement requirements.

Premix Concrete Batch Plant System Upgrade Options

Admix Equipment Guide Ordering Catalog

Admix Batching Equipment Overview

Where Applicable your chemical admixture supplier will supply the below equipment options to suit your application requirements;

Manual Chemical transfers with:

Battery Powered LCD reset total PD meters, Sizes 20-40mm:

AC / DC powered Magflow meters, Sizes 15-25mm:
ME5-T or FRT303 with AMM-v2, CMM Mag meters

KMS102 Magflow meters, Sizes 4-150mm

Automatic batching with;

ME995 series panel mount preset batch controller OVERVIEW

ME995/MES-flowmeters Admixture batching System -install info pack

ME995/ MAGFLOW Admixture batching System -install info pack

Model types:

ME995-1A, ME995-1, ME995-2, ME995-2C, ME995-3, ME995-3K,
ME995-7, ME995-7D, ME995-7G, ME995-7DS,
, ME995 Ordering Codes, Options Overview
HB Housing boxes and IP65 enclosure to suit ME 995 / 3000

PLC/Computer controlled interface options with ME995 Batch Controllers with:
1/ Volt free commands MC2 interface, 2/ DC/AC commands 5P with ME5IC interface

Flowmeter Options to Suit with above batch controllers:
MES20-N or MES20-S-T size 20mm, MES-P size 20-40mm
AMM-v2, CMM Magflows sizes 15,20,25mm, KMS502 magflows size 4-150mm.

** QA Printout option for manual batch Plants via ME6008M Overview

Flowmetered: PLC / Computer controlled batching options of Admixtures

UIC Interface Pulse Scaling Card – Install guide with Flowmeters

Flowmetered + via UIC pulse isolation scaler interface cards;
UIC/D24 -DC or AC inputs (24vdc pwr), UIC -DC or AC inputs (5-12vdc pwr) inputs

Flowmeter Options to Suit with above batch controllers:
MES20-N size 20mm, MES-P size 20-40mm
AMM-v2, CMM Magflows sizes 15,20,25mm

Continuous Dosing Systems manual and automated;

MESLCD6 or MESLCD4-F , FRT303 with MES-P , FRT303-MES-System-Instal Guide

MM magflow RMS magflow KMS502 magflow

Batching / Measurement of aggressive liquids:

Grout & shotcrete Flowmeters

RMS magflow , KMS302 magflow

Select from Combination of the forementioned Batch Controllers and Flowmeters.

Additionals: KMS305KMS307 for the most difficult of liquids.

e.g) Acids, near non-conductive fluids.

Recommended Resellers / System Intergrators who can assist
Locations include
Dubai, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Burma, China, Mongolia, HK, Australia, NZ and Chile

Manual or Automatic batching with or without ticket print

TMP or TMP1 Batch Ticket Print Systems

ME995-7 or ME3000 Batch Controllers With Flowmeters types;

MES-P, RMS magflows, KMS102 or KMS302 magflows

Generally ManuFlo does not supply; Pumps, Valves, Pipes, Cabling, Tanks etc.

All of this ancillary equipment to complete the systems in Premix batch plants are either;

A) Provided by the chemical supplier Or

B) these generic items can be in most cases easily sourced locally.