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Flow Meter for Trade Waste Discharges

Welcome to Manuflo, your trusted partner for top-quality flow meters that comply with Sydney Water’s trade waste regulation. Our state-of-the-art flow meters are specially designed for trade waste dischargers, ensuring precise measurements and seamless compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Why Choose Manuflo?


At Manuflo, precise flow measurement is essential in trade waste management. Our flow meters are engineered to meet the stringent standards set by Sydney Water, making them the ideal choice for your business. Here’s why you should choose Manuflo:


  • Compliance Assurance: Our flow meters are designed and verified according to Sydney Water’s standards, giving you peace of mind in meeting all regulatory requirements.
  • Accurate Measurements: Achieve reliable flow data to determine the volume and mass of discharged substances, facilitating proper billing and compliance assessment.
  • Expertise in Verification: We supply high-quality flow meters and are one of the few companies authorised to verify trade waste flow meters using Sydney Water’s standards.
  • Specialised Solutions: We understand that every business is unique. Our qualified specialists can design and install equipment tailored to your site conditions.


Our Flow Measurement Solutions


Manuflo offers a range of flow measurement solutions to suit your trade waste discharge needs. Our flow meters are equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in monitoring your trade wastewater. Here are the key features of our flow measurement solutions:


  • Full Pipe Electromagnetic Flow Meter: Our standard requirement for new consents to discharge industrial trade wastewater and for some permits to discharge commercial trade wastewater. It is electronically verified for accurate readings.
  • Instantaneous Flow Rate Display: With a clear digital display showing the flow rate in litres per second (with one decimal point), you can monitor your wastewater flow in real-time.
  • Totaliser Display: Keep track of your total discharged volume in kilolitres, with a minimum six-digit display that retains readings during power failures.
  • Output Signals for Sampling Equipment: Our flow meters are equipped with ‘Amphenol’ type plugs, enabling easy interface with automatic sampling equipment for flow proportional sampling.
  • Verification and Maintenance: Manuflo’s qualified specialists ensure proper commissioning, calibration, and regular maintenance of flow meters to maintain accuracy and integrity.


Choose Manuflo’s reliable flow meters and benefit from our expertise in compliance with Sydney Water’s standards. 


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Trade Waste Flow Meters

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