ManuFlo is a Sydney based company, established in 1965, and is a founding company with the Sydney Water tradewaste policy.

We are partnered with a worldwide leader in electromagnetic flowmeter technology. Our services include:


  • ManuFlo’s KMS tradewaste flowmeters are industrial grade durable flowmeters housed in metal casings.
  • Pre-wire (with specified output plugs), wet test, calibrate and verify the flowmeter prior to delivery.
  • Optionally supply flange kits prefitted for easy install.

on-site verification:

  • immediately after installation, and then generally at least yearly, Sydney Water (or your local authority) require an on-site tradewaste flowmeter verification calibration check.
  • this can be performed by ManuFlo in the Greater Sydney area (within 120km radius). Or nationally via nominated reps.


  • Repairs / reconditioning / re-calibration and flow test services can be performed onsite or at the ManuFlo factory at Brookvale Sydney.
  • Flowmeters are checked to a NMI standard.

Please contact us on phone 02 99054324, 02 99381425 or email

HINT: Did you know that if your discharge rate is low then you can reduce the pipe diameter (and so the flowmeter size) at the discharge point to save costs.

Integral display flowmeters:

  • The display is mounted on top of the flowmeter sensor which is fitted in the pipe.
  • The display must be in a position to be easily read, and with
    easy access to be able to connect to the sampler plugs.
  • Flowmeter is usually AC-powered.
  • If AC is not easily available, then use the DC-powered flowmeter option.
    You can run the safer low-voltage DC to the flowmeter, from an AC-to-DC power source.

Remote display flowmeters:

  • Where an integral display cannot be easily accessed, then the remote display option is used.
  • The display unit with sampler plugs is separate to the sensor, and is connected to the sensor
    via a low voltage signal cable (standard 2 metre length).
    The display unit can then be mounted in a more accessible position.
  • The flowmeter is usually AC-powered.

TWSPS – Passive Pulse Splitter

Splits the transistor pulse output from a Tradewaste flowmeter, to provide 2 outputs:
one for use by a water authority, and one for connection to PLC/Computer.


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