KMS-20 – Variable area flowmeter


Explore our versatile variable area flowmeter designed for essential water applications. Crafted with a durable plastic tube featuring a convenient scale and a MIN/MAX switch, our flowmeter offers a highly economical solution for monitoring flow. It accommodates various installation preferences with G½, G1, G2, or adhesive sleeve thread options. With a temperature range of 0°C to +100°C (+32°F to +212°F) and a maximum pressure rating of 10 bar (145 psi), it’s a reliable choice for your flow measurement needs.


The Kms20 is a variable area (VA) flowmeter specially designed for clean water applications. Ideal for fundamental tasks like monitoring water circuits (up to a maximum flow rate of 25,000 litres per hour or 6604 gallons per hour), the Kms20 excels in its simplicity.

Operating seamlessly without needing auxiliary power, this flowmeter boasts a sturdy plastic measuring tube with an easy-to-read scale. For added functionality, it offers the option of an electric limit switch. Installation is a breeze; you can choose between a thread connection or an adhesive sleeve to suit your requirements.

Features & Options

  • Simple polysulfone device with flow indicator
  • Low-cost measuring principle without auxiliary power
  • With an optional electric limit switch
  • Screw and glue connections