At Manuflo, we understand irrigation’s essential role in maintaining lush and healthy landscapes. To support your irrigation needs, we offer a comprehensive range of top-of-the-line flow meters that accurately monitor water usage and flow rates. Whether you’re a landscaper, a ballpark owner, or a country club maintenance manager, our irrigation water meters are designed to ensure the efficiency of your irrigation system.

What Is an Irrigation Water Flow Meter?

An irrigation water flow meter, also known as a flow sensor, is a vital component that measures the speed of water movement through your irrigation system. It provides valuable data to an irrigation controller, enabling you to effectively detect any issues and conserve water. For instance, if there’s an unusually high flow rate, the flow meter will trigger the irrigation controller to take corrective measures, such as stopping the water flow, sounding an alarm, or sending an alert message.

Benefits of Manuflo’s Water Flow Meters for Irrigation:

1. Reduced Energy Usage: Our advanced flow meters help optimise energy consumption by providing precise water flow data.

2. Enhanced Water Conservation: With accurate monitoring, you can identify and address areas of water wastage, leading to better conservation practices.

3. Protection of Plant Materials: By maintaining the proper water flow, our flow meters ensure your plants receive the appropriate amount of water, promoting their health and longevity.

4. Prevention of System Failure Damage: Detect potential issues like clogs, leaks, or other problems early on to prevent costly damage to your irrigation system.

5. Smart Home Irrigation Systems with Automation: Integrate our flow meters into your smart home setup for automated irrigation routines based on specific flow rate requirements.

Types of Water Flow Meters Offered by Manuflo:

1. Economy Water Meters: Affordable and versatile solutions for various irrigation applications.

2. PVC Water Meters: From small residential systems to large agricultural setups, our PVC water meters come in various sizes to suit your needs.

3. Magmeter/Turbine: Experience reliable and highly accurate electromagnetic flow measurement with our mag meter/turbine flow meters, ideal for handling high flows without damage.

4. Mechanical Display: Our mechanical flow meters require no power and feature a classic, easy-to-read display for straightforward monitoring.

5. Insertion Meters: These meters are designed for larger flow applications and are perfect for specific irrigation needs.

What Is a Sprinkler Flow Meter?

Manuflo’s flow meters are also well-suited for sprinkler systems used by landscapers to maintain residential lawns, golf course greens, ball fields, and other grassy areas. With the ability to control water flow precisely, our sprinkler flow meters help sustain specific environmental conditions.

Get the Best Irrigation Flow Meters from Manuflo!

Upgrade your irrigation system with Manuflo’s premium water flow meters today! Our products are designed to provide accurate measurements, ensure water efficiency, and protect your landscape investments. 

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