As a valued partner in the flowmeter industry, we understand the importance of accuracy when measuring the volume or mass of liquid, gas, or steam moving through your piping systems. At Manuflo, we are committed to helping you find the best flow meter solution for your specific needs, ensuring precision and cost-effectiveness for your processes.

Flow Meter Accuracy for Your Application:

Flow meters come in various technologies, each with its level of accuracy. However, achieving ultra-high accuracy is only sometimes necessary, especially at a significantly higher cost. Our team of experts will guide you in selecting the most suitable flow meter for your application, considering both your accuracy requirements and budget constraints.

Understanding Accuracy, Repeatability, and Resolution:

It’s crucial to distinguish between accuracy, repeatability, and resolution when assessing flow meter performance. Accuracy refers to how close the instrument’s reading is to the exact value in the process at a given moment. Conversely, repeatability focuses on consistent results after multiple measurements, even if they may deviate from the actual value. Lastly, resolution denotes the smallest increment an instrument can measure, impacting the accuracy of specific applications.

Flow Meter Accuracy Comparison:

At Manuflo, we offer various flow meter technologies to suit your needs. Here’s a comparison of typical accuracy ranges for some of our flow meter types:

Optimising Flow Meter Accuracy:

To ensure your flow meter performs at its best, consider these steps:

1. Select the suitable flow meter for your application profile.

2. Properly install the flow meter, adhering to flow profile requirements.

3. Regularly inspect the functioning elements of the flow meter.

4. Adhere to the manufacturer’s calibration recommendations.

Partner with Manuflo for Accurate Flow Measurement Solutions:

At Manuflo, we pride ourselves on providing accurate and reliable flow measurement solutions for your unique applications. Our team of engineering experts is ready to offer free assistance in selecting the best flow meter for your needs, eliminating any headaches from incorrect flow meter choices.

Contact us today to discuss your flow meter requirements and receive personalised assistance from our experienced team.

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