The KMS Magnetic Flowmeter range introduced in 2015 are custom programmed, wired and flow tested on our NMI flowrig to meet a wide range of specific application requirements. This added service allows a simple plug and play solution, thus saving big dollars on commissioning costs. The RMS series are a WA- FER high pressure sensor option for apps up to 740psi.

Our customised Magflows are available in sizes from 6mm up to 300mm in wafer, flanged or SIP connec- tions with various liners and electrodes. Voltage ranges include AC, DC or internal lithium battery powered options. Units can be integral or remote display with various output options. They can be used as standalone manual batching/transfer units or for automatic batching and monitoring.

Further, they are available with a wide range of approvals to meet various standards including water authority and custody transfer requirements.
The model range allows solutions for measuring practically any type of conductive fluid application.

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