The MRT20 MRTU4/6 are integral 4 digit LCD resettable total or dual line 6 digit resettable counter + flowrate display flowmeters powered by an internal 10+yr lithium battery. The flowmeters incorporate a unique ‘quick release’ slip insertion stem section designed to be inserted to the extensive range ManuFlo proprietary pipe adaptors which allows the display head to be fitted to most pipe materials (e.g. PVC, Poly, Galvanized, S/S) from 20 to 500 mm pipe diameters.

The 4 digit unit is ideal for manual transfer monitoring of batches where an easy reset of total is required. They are extensively used on concrete delivery trucks, concrete batch plant slumpstands and general applications for adding / transfers of water,

Additionally the 6 digit unit has a bonus flowrate display with an optional running total which are ideal for irrigation applications.

If logging or remote read or transfer of totals is required, the units can be optionally fitted with a scalable pulse output via an IP67 rated M12 mating cable plug lead.

Manufactured in Australia by ManuFlo since 2017, Robust and reliable with simple flip reset lid action also protects the LCD from prolonged UV-rays, they number over 6000 units in use. MRT are also NFC pro- grammable via the Andriod software app.

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