MES20-S : PULSE OUTPUT FLOWMETER – Size 20mm – Positive Displacement

The MES20-S magnetically coupled 20mm positive-displacement pulse output flowmeter with its Ryton-MTL nutating disc measurement flow chamber, is suitable for a wide range of precision process liquid measurement applications. The Ryton chamber was specially developed for compatibility with aggressive admixtures and petroleum-based liquid chemical mixes, with operating ranges from low to high flowrates. Optionally, for chemicals aggressive to CAC406 gunmetal, the cast body can be Teflon-coated (when ordering, add -T suffix to any MES20-S flowmeter Order Code). Teflon-coated meters have a black body to identify them.

The IP54-rated Pulse version is available with either a high-resolution Digital pulse, or a Reed Switch contact closure pulse.

The Pulsehead is a self-contained units, and attach to the meter body with a bayonet turn and lock fitting mechanism. The nutating (wobbling) disc measurement flow chamber used in the MES20-S means that the meter operates with minimal head-losses, and is able to pass small impurities without jamming. Measurement with a wide range of varying viscosity and specific gravity liquids is possible. A full compliment of spare parts is available.


  • Ryton-MTL Nutating (wobbling) disc measuring chamber measures aggressive chemical admixtures and petroleum/oil liquids to 1.4 Specific Gravity.
  • Interchangeable pulseheads with standard MES20s. (Note: Pulserate could change (-S version) –perform a cal-check).
  • Small impurities can pass chamber without jamming.
  • Pulse output:- open collector or contact closure
  • Accuracy: 2.5% Total; 0.3% Repeatability
  • Low hydraulic thrust minimises wear.
  • Designed to meet AS3901.
  •  Optional Teflon/Tefzel-lined body (MES20-S-T).