PSM : totaliser with optional pulse (15, 20, 25, 32 & 40mm)


The PSM water meter range, in sizes 15, 20, 25, 32 and 40mm, are suitable for measurement of water upto 50C with a working pressure upto 1400 kPa. They offer great accuracy, long operating life, are highly resistant to tampering, and are fully approved by all local water authorities Australia-wide for drinking water applications.

The mechanical counter register is positioned for easy reading and displays to 0.1 Litre. The rotary piston measurement principle allows registration at very low flowrates. Meters can be installed in any position without affecting accuracy, and require no onsite calibration. An inline filter element prevents blockages, and an internal check valve stops backflows. Meters are supplied with a tamper-proof lead seal.

PSM flowmeters are manufactured from high quality materials – the body casing is made of gun-metal, and the measuring chamber from advanced plastics. All PSM meters are supplied with a gasket seat coupling connection kit.

PSM meters can be easily retro-fitted with a reed switch pulse output (T-probe), without removing the flow probe, or can be supplied with a T-probe already fitted for connection to resetable counters, batch controllers or PLC inputs. (5 Litres/pulse). The PSM20A-T2 provides the best pulse output resolution with 2 pulses per Litre (0.5 Litres/pulse).


  • Volumetric rotary piston principle, measures accurately in any position.
  • Mechanical totaliser with retro-fit reed switch pulse output probe for connection to resetable totalisers and PLCs.
  • Compliance with AS3565.1-1998 & NMI R49-1 and Australian Standards
  • 15 and 20mm sizes with NSC approval.
  • Accuracy ± 2 % (q-min to q-max) Repeatability better than 0.2%