CMM : Compact Mini-Mag Electromagnetic Flowmeter


The CMM Mini-Mag is a low-cost compact Electromagnetic Flowmeter, suitable for industrial applications for
flowrate and totaliser liquid metering and batching. The converter/processor is inbuilt on the flowmeter sensor primary. These two elements form a very compact package.

With no moving parts and an obstruction-free bore, this type of flowmeter is ideal for measuring a wide range of conductive liquids (that are chemically aggressive, or dirty) up to a temperature of 90°C, with minimal head losses and virtually no ongoing maintenance. CMM Mini-Mag is ideal for measurement of recycle water or water based liquids including admixtures with impurities, providing flowrate or total display for shotcrete and for process batching/monitoring applications. The MiniMag can be used in conjunction with a remote ManuFlo FRT-303 Indicator, ME4-T reset counter, ME-series Batch Controllers, ME2008 batch interface cards, UIC scaler cards or can be connected to 3rd party PLCs via the onboard pulse output.


  • Very compact, light weight design.
  • Sizes 15mm (1⁄2”), 20mm (3⁄4”) & 25mm (1”).
  • High resolution Pulse output signal.
  • 1000 PPL (15mm), 500 PPL (20mm), 100 PPL (25mm size).
  • Full scale Accuracy ± 1.5%, ±0.3% of rate, 1% repeatability.
  • PEEK sensor tube, Stainless Steel 316 electrodes
  • BSP (M) threaded end connections.
  • Electrical connection via M12 Plug and socket set.
  • Virtually maintenance free, with no moving parts.
  • Measures liquids with conductivity > 50S/cm.
  • Process temperature to 90C, pressure to 1600 kPa.
  • Accuracy is unaffected by varying viscosity or specific gravity of liquids.
  • No moving parts, nothing to block.