MEH : Multi-Jet/Turbine Flowmeters


The MEH and MEHR Multi-Jet flowmeters are available in sizes of 15 to 50mm (these sizes have an internal strainer), and as turbines in 50 – 300mm sizes, and are suitable for volume measurement of potable water.

They are available as MEH type which is a pure mechanical totalizer meter, or as MEHR type which has a contact closure Reed Switch pulse output module (1 Litre/pulse for sizes 15 – 50mm, 10 Litre/pulse for sizes 40 & 50mm, 100 Litres/pulse for 80-100mm, and 1000 Litres/pulse for 150–300mm sizes), for indication, data logging and process control applications. The Contact Closure output module can be retrofitted on 15-50mm multijet flowmeters, but must be ordered with the flowmeter if required for the Turbine type sizes ≥ 80mm.

Measurement is in the forward flow direction only. The register system operates by means of magnetic drive, and is sealed and separated from the water measurement system. Small impurities are able to be passed without blockage.

MEHR meters can be used as a resettable meter for transfers or for monitoring of totals if connected to a ManuFlo ME4, ME5 or ME7 resettable totalizer display unit.

The meters capture low to medium flow measurement ranges, and so are ideal for gravitational flows or low pressure installations for potable water, cooling towers, irrigation and process applications.


  • Ideal for potable water, general irrigation, water cooling towers, data logging and process application.
  • Ideal for gravitational flows.
  • Running (non-resettable) mechanical total.
  • Optionally also with contact closure pulse output (can be retrofitted to multi-jet models 15-50mm).
  • Accuracy: ±2% (full scale flow). Temp to 50 °C.
  • ISO 4064 Class B Compliant. Pressure to 10bar.
  • Can pass small impurities without blockage.
  • Can connect the optional pulse output to ManuFlo Indicators to provide resettable total display, or for batching applications.