WPD : Turbine Water Flowmeter with pulse output option


The WPD is a high capacity in-line Woltmann helical rotary type meter with a precision injection moulded measurement mechanism suitable for high and sustained flows associated with bulk metering. Low pressure loss characteristics are due to minimum restriction and no change in flow direction as water flows through the meter.

Standard Features :

  • The WPD range exceeds Measurement Class 2 requirements of the Australian Standard AS 3565.1- 1998 (Meters for cold potable water) in horizontal, vertical and inclined pipelines.
  • The counter can be rotated 360°.
  • Flanges are drilled to Australian Standard AS 2129 Table D. Maximum working pressure is 1600 kPa (PN16. Optional PN25 is available).
  • Maximum working temperature is 50°C.
  • As standard with NMI-M10 – AS4747 Australian Pattern Approval including NSW DPIE.