BMH : 15 & 20mm Single-Jet Totaliser Flowmeter


BMH : 15 & 20mm single-jet totaliser flowmeters with optional pulse output – suitable for hot water to 90° C

The BMH 15 and 20mm GSD8 single-jet totaliser water meters operate on the velocity principle, where water enters the flowmeter and drives the inner rotor. The meter has a very easy-to-read totaliser mechanism displaying down to 1 Litre. A clock dial further indicates in 0.1 Litre increments. Ideal for hot water tanks and other applications where compactness and weight are installation issues. BMH meters are optionally configured with a volt-free Reed Switch contact closure pulse output for water monitoring, data logging and other applications where a remote read is required. (15mm and 20mm size with 1 litres per pulse) with 3 metre 2 wire cable lead.

The register is waterproofed and long durability and elevated precision is guaranteed.


  • Single-jet impeller Flowmeter measurement.
  • Direct reading on 8 numeric dials.
  • Compact light-weight design.
  • Accuracy ±2% (Qt-Qs)
  • Operates in water temperature up to 90oC.
  • Passes small solids without jamming.
  • Low head losses -ideal for gravitational flows.
  • Readout can be swiveled to any position (360 Degrees).
  • Optional pulse output for logging, remote displays etc.
  • Screwed ends with coupling connectors as standard.
  • Approved according to MID standards up to R160H – R50V