SLUMPSTANDS for recycle water or various ADMIXTURE chemicals

The CMM Magflow flowmeters were introduced in mid 2019 to offer a pre- mium economical solution for measurement of difficult fluids.

The CMM25 25mm size Magflow connected to a ME4T resettable counter with WPTR wireless pulse transmitter system has been rolled out for use with a Concrete major’s metro Sydney batch plant Slumpstands for meas- uring recycle water. They are used in lieu of MRP/MRT paddlewheel flow- meters where the water quality has a much higher concentration of solids.

The CMM10, 15 and 25mm sizes are also premium solutions for the measurement of chemical admixtures that are high in density, contain solids or are of a higher acidic nature. These are an ideal alternative solution instead of the much-used MES20 disc series PD flowmeters. Enquire for further details.

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