In the ever-evolving landscape of water metering regulations, staying up-to-date with the latest standards is paramount. One such crucial regulation that demands attention is the Australian pattern approval NMI-M10. This comprehensive guideline, introduced as part of the Water Reform Action Plan, mandates the supply and installation of water meters within strict parameters. At ManuFlo, we understand the importance of compliance and would like to guide you through selecting the suitable NMI-certified flowmeter that adheres to the NMI-M10 standard.

The NMI-M10 Australian Pattern Approval Explained

The NMI-M10 pattern approval is not just a legal requirement but a commitment to precision and reliability in water metering. This guideline, overseen by the National Measurement Institute (NMI) of Australia, ensures that water meters are accurate, dependable, and consistent in their measurements. Introduced through the Water Reform Action Plan, this standard is a testament to the government’s dedication to establishing a robust metering framework.

Effective from December 1st, 2018, the NMI-M10 standard applies to non-urban water measurement. Professionals in the irrigation sector and associated Water Authorities are directly impacted by this regulation. Spanning across all Australian states, this legislation compels any non-urban water measurement performed by state governments to align with the NMI installation regulations.

The Significance of NMI Certification

In light of this regulation, selecting a water meter that bears NMI certification becomes pivotal. Not only does it guarantee compliance with the NMI-M10 standard, but it also assures users of accurate and consistent measurements, contributing to efficient water resource management.

In our commitment to delivering excellence, we at ManuFlo have successfully secured NMI certification for our cutting-edge flowmeter products. Over a meticulous five-year process, two of our offerings have been endorsed by the National Measurement Institute of Australia, meeting the stringent requirements of the NMI-M10 standard.

Why Choose NMI-Certified Flowmeters from ManuFlo?

1. Unwavering Compliance: Our NMI-certified flowmeters adhere rigorously to the NMI-M10 pattern approval, ensuring that your water metering practices align with Australian standards.

2. Reliability and Precision: With NMI certification comes the assurance of accurate and dependable measurements, enabling you to manage water resources effectively.

3. Industry Recognition: Our Meters are symbols of our dedication to excellence and innovation, backed by the trust of NMI certification.

4. Expertise and Experience: With over 65 years of experience with a comprehensive understanding of the NMI pattern approval flow meter, we provide insightful guidance and reliable information.

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