ME-USB-5+ : Count, Event and State Data logger


This standalone data logger can record:

  •  record events (detecting an input and storing the time and date of occurrence);
  • record state changes (similar to an ‘event’ but also recording when the input reverts back to normal); and
  • count events (count the number of events that happen in a time period, without any individual event time or date information).

It is also possible to use volt free contacts. Instead of measuring an external voltage, the data logger applies a voltage across the screw terminals and detects when the input closes (i.e. a relay or microswitch).

The data logger is supplied with ‘EasyLog USB’ software on a USB drive, measurement leads terminated with crocodile clips and a long-life lithium battery which allows logging as described in table below. Functionality of the unit is indicated by flashing red and green LEDs, and the red LED can be set up to flash every time an event occurs.


  • Counter, state and event logger.
  • Easy to set up and connect to your PC USB port for download of data. Data can then be graphed, printed and exported to other applications.
  • Ideal for connection to flowmeters with a unity pulse output (e.g. electromagnetic flowmeters or 1 pulse/1 Litre MEHR flowmeters) for collection of flow volume/usage data.
  • LED flash on event / state change.
  • Replaceable internal Lithium battery.