The ME995-3 and ME995-3H VARIABLE DOSERATE preset batch controllers are used for dosing admixtures to comply with quality assurance requirements for the concrete additives industry. They incorporate a standard preact (overflow deduct) feature and contact drive LED indicator. The most significant new feature is that the display reads in total millilitres dispensed, instead of total pre-dosed KGs (as in ME995-3K model). Also, the preact function which compensates for excessive overflows is ideal in speed batching operations and in many cases elimates the need for solenoid valves.

With the ME995 batch controllers using the same 10-pin Weidmuller recepticle plug as the previous models, changeover and replacement is instant with no rewiring necessary. Interfacing an ME995 to PLCs incorporates its safety features and the ME995 can then be used as a set point controller or as a easy to use stand-alone backup batch controller facility.

The ME995-3 calculates and dispenses selected dosage ratios for the batch operator. The top two selectors are for dosage selection of liquid admixture content, marked DOSAGE MLS x 10 / 100 KG. A maximum doserate of 99 x 10 MLS / 100 KGs of cement is selectable. The bottom four selectors are used for selection of cement content per truck load. A maximum of 9000 KILOGRAMS OF CEMENT load is selectable in minimum increments of 10. The display counts upwards in 10 millilitre increments and dosed at the preselected dosrate and displays the total millilitres dispensed at the end of batch.

A batch example would be:

  • Selected dosage rate 25 x 10mls/100 KG = 250mls/100 KG
  • Selected cement content 1500 KILOGRAMS OF CEMENT
  • Actual admixture volume received 250 mls x 15*(100 kg) = 3750 millilitres.
  • Final batch complete display reading is 3750 millilitres.

The ME995-3H model calculates and dispenses in the same way, except that a higher doserate is selectable via the extra doserate selector knob fitted. A maximum of 900 x10mls/100 KGs can be selected.


  • 5-digit LED Display.
  • 4x LED status indicators.
  • Variable dose-rate selection, via rotary dials.
  • Batch quantity in kilograms of cement, set via rotary dials.
  • LCD Display shows the dose in millilitres.
  • Preact function and preset maximum limit.
  • Missing pulse detection.
  • Optional PLC and computer interface.
  • Interchangeable with earlier ME188 models