The ME995-7D LITRES decimal point preset Batch Controller can be used with most pulse output flowmeters, for preset

liquid batching applications.

The controller incorporates a preact (overflow deduct) feature, K-factor adjustment, 4 LED status indicators and diagnostic safeties. With the ME995-7D Batch Controller using the same 10-pin Weidmuller receptacle plug as the previous models, changeover or upgrade is instant with no rewiring necessary. The ME995-7D can be easily interfaced with PLCs, thus incorporating the controller’s safety features and providing a backup batch facility.

With 4 rotary selector switches, batch quantities are easily selected. The batch operator can also visually refer to the numbered selector dials for the selected batch quantity. Command operations are by user-friendly toggle switches, and four LEDs indicate operational status conditions. Batch counting is in 0.1 Litre increments upto a maximum 999.9 Litres.

The controller operates from standard 220 – 260vac (or optional 24vac, 110vac or 12 – 24 VDC) voltage supplies. Contact output drive is via one (or optional two) relays. (Also available with –OC “open contact drive” option). Standard controllers are in panel mount form, or optionally housed in a metal box or IP65 ABS wall mount enclosure.

The ME995-7D controller is designed for compatibility with all ManuFlo flowmeters and most other brands. Calibration is settable via rear selector dials.


  • 4-Digit LED display
  • 4x LED status indicators
  • Preact function
  • Preset maximum limit
  • Missing pulse detection
  • Counts in 0.1 Litres up to 999.9
  • Optional PLC and computer interface
  • Signal conditioning with K-factor adjustment
  • Compatibility with most flowmeters