The ME3000 microprocessor-based preset Batch Controller can be used with pulse output flowmeters of any size, for preset batch control applications. Batch counting can be in units of millilitres, Litres, KiloLitres, US Gallons (USG), grams or kilograms. The Controller is fully programmable, and has a range of safety features e.g. if no pulses arrive within a configurable batch start period, or if pulses are interrupted during the batch cycle or if the flow rate falls below the allowed minimum, then the pump voltage contact drive is automatically shut off and an alarm is raised.

  • RUN LED indicates voltage contact output drive when pump or solenoid is activated.
  • FLOW LED monitors and indicates incoming pulses from field flowmeter.
  • OUTPUT LED indicates scaled pulses output from Batch Controller e.g. to a PLC/Computer.
    Internal audible ALARM sounds momentarily upon completion of batch cycle, and continuously if an error occurs.

With the ME3000 Batch Controller using the same instrument housing, and the same 10-pin Weidmuller receptacle plug, as other ManuFlo Batch Controller models, changeover or upgrade is instant with no rewiring necessary. It can be easily interfaced with PLCs (through the optional computer control interface), thus incorporating the controller’s safety features and providing a backup batch facility. An optional RS232 9600 baud interface allows the printing of batch tickets through an associated printer, and the downloading of the internal event log to a laptop/PC for analysis.

The controller operates from standard 220 – 250 vac (or optional 110 vac or 12 – 24 VDC) voltage supplies. Contact output drive is via a relay (optional open contact). Standard controllers are in panel mount form, or optionally can be housed in a metal box or IP65 ABS wall mount enclosure.


  • Displays in ml, Litres, KL, grams, KG, US Gallons.
  • Keypad input for batch setting, and programming.
  • 2 line x 16 character display for quantity set and dispensed. 3 indicator LEDs. IP64 front face.
  • Alarm messages shown on LCD display.
  • Safety features include missing pulse detection.
  • Functions include Preact and preset maximum limit.
  • Optional RS232 printer interface for batch tickets, and to download internal Event Log.
  • Single channel, can be used with any size flowmeter.
  • Optional PLC/Computer control interface.