The ME995-2CS VARIABLE DOSERATE CUBIC METRES preset batch controllers comply with quality assurance requirements for the concrete additives industry. They incorporate a preact (overflow deduct in CUBIC METRES) feature, allowing speed batching of admixtures with near no overrun.

The display counting is indicated in total Cubic Metres load selected, and dispensed at the selected MLS doserate per cubic metre. With it’s rotary selector knobs and push toggle switches, command operations are user friendly. The batch operator has important visual indication of the batch quantity selected, as shown on the numbered selector dials.

With the ME995-2CS being of the same dimensions and using the 10-pin Weidmuller receptacle plug as previous models, replacement or upgrade is instant, with no re-wiring required. Interfacing the ME995-2C with PLCs is an easy procedure, to incorporate the safety features of the Manu controller which is also effectively a backup preset batch facility.

The ME995-2CS calculates selected dosage rates for the batch operator. The three top selector knobs are for dosage selection of liquid admixture to be dispensed, marked DOSAGE MLS / CUBIC METRE. A maximum doserate of 990 millilitres per Cubic Metre is selectable (Note: The first selector knob is stationary and is locked at zero (0). The two bottom selectors are used for selection of CUBIC METRE concrete quantity. Maximum load is 9.0 CUBIC METRES (minimum is 0.1). The LED display digits count upward to the selected load in cubic metres, while dispensing the selected dosage rate ratio.

WARNING: With the ME995-2CS model doseage is selected in direct Millilitres (MLS) as opposed to the standard ME995-2C where the dosage is selected in Millilitres (MLS) x 10 mls /Cubic Metre.

A batch example would be:

  • Selected dosage rate 250 mls/cubic metre
  • Selected Cubic metre cement load of 2.0 cubic metres
  • Actual admixture volume received 250 mls x 2.0 = 500 millilitres.
  • Display counts upward in 0.1 Cubic metre increments to set point of final 2.0

The controller operates from a standard 220 – 260 vac (or optional 24ac, 110vac or 12-24VDC) voltage supply. Contact output drive is via one or optional two relays. Standard controllers are in panel mount format or optionally housed in a metal housing box.


  • Variable doserate selection in direct Millilitres / Cubic Metre
  • Display indication in selected predosed cubic metres of concrete
  • LED display with status indicators
  • Preact function in Cubic Metres
  • Preset maximum limit
  • Missing pulse detection
  • Optional PLC/computer interface
  • Interchangeable with earlier ME188 models