The ME995-4 LITRES 99.990 preset batch controller with added features complies with Quality Assurance requirements for the concrete additives/water industry. It incorporates a standard preact (overflow deduct) feature, and a contact drive LED indicator.

The ME995-4 controller can easily be interfaced with PLCs, thus incorporating it’s safety features and providing a backup batch facility and/or operate as a set point slave controller.

With 5 rotary selector switches and 1 fixed knob, batch quantities are easily selected. The batch operator can also visually refer to the numbered selector dials for the batch quantity selected. Command operations are by user-friendly toggle switches, and four LEDs indicate operational status conditions.

Batch counting and selection is in increments of 0.01 Litres (10 millilitres), since the first display digit and selector knob remain zeroed. The seven segment LEDs count upward, to a maximum of 90.000 litres (unless the over-ride limit is set to a lower fixed value).

The ME995-1 controller operates from standard 220 – 260 vac (other voltage options available). Contact output drive is via one (or optional two) relays. Controllers are in panel mount form and a range of field enclosures are available, in powder coated metal housing box or IP65 ABS wall mount enclosure.

The ME995-4 controller is compatible only with MES20, AMM15, AMM20 and any 1 millilitre per 1 pulse output flowmeters.


  • 5 Digit LED display
  • Counts in 0.010 Litres (10 millilitres) increments upto 90.000
  • 4 x LED status indicators
  • Preact function
  • Preset maximum limit
  • Missing pulse detection
  • Optional PLC and computer interface
  • Interchangeable with earlier ME188 models