ME2008 : Microprocessor Interface Controller Safety Card


The ME2008 is a microprocessor-based batch safety interface card for management of flowmetering admixture liquids in the concrete production industries. It’s design is at the request and requirement of suppliers/producers/users of construction chemical products. The software incorporates safety features designed to cover, detect and warn for most flowmetering faults during/after the batch cycle, making the flowmetering system one of the safest in the world. The ME2008 can be used with a wide range of signal output flowmeters in conjunction with a range of PLC/Computer auto batch systems. All message status functions are displayed at all times, and the settings are easily retrieved and displayed. This helps make the ME2008 very user-friendly.


  • Up to 4 Dual-Channel Modules (DCMs) can be mounted on Motherboard, for the creation of a 2, 4, 6, or 8 channel unit.
  • All parameters and entries are fully programmable via a plug-in hand held keypad.
  • Pulse Comparator for optional Dual Flowmeter system.
  • V1.8 software: can de-select the comparator function, so that each channel shows the reading from one flowmeter only.
  • Dual Display Counters for each channel (for Comparator function).
  • Input Pulse scalable for use with most types of Flowmeters.
  • All display readouts in Litres to 3 decimal places, with instantaneous flowrate display reading.
  • Accumulated batch totals (grand totals) for inventory records.
  • Initial Start and Pulsefail Safety
  • Low and High Flow range settings. Pulsefail Safety safeguards against exceeding flowmeter operating ranges.
  • Maximum pulse output frequency alarm, for PLC input safety.
  • Maximum Batch Limit Safety.
  • Output Pulse Division to PLC/Computer scalable.
  • 24-240 vac pulse switching & input/output controls. (optional 5-24vdc).
  • 240 VAC powered (Use atleast a 2.5 Amps to power the unit)
  • Manual Batch facility, with Disable option.
  • Master Audible alarm function,
  • Alarm condition for leaky check valves (back flow).
  • Can be used for NEW water channels ( upto 9000 ltrs.max.)
  • See ME2008 settings