HB : Housing Box Enlosures


The HB2510 IP65-rated waterproof enclosures are ideal for housing ME995 & ME3000 Batch Controllers and ME6008M auto event dataloggers when used in applications where the units need to be protected from environmentally difficult areas, e.g. where steam, wash down, splash, dust or extreme humid situations are prevalent.

The improved industrial design HB2510 ABS enclosure is downwards opening, with 2 stainless steel hinges and clips. The transparent cover/lid protects the Batch Controller and allows visual monitoring of the Controller. Simply open the cover use the controller as required, then close and secure the cover when not in use.

The HB2510 is made of high impact Polyester, and has downward opening with ABS stainless steel hinges.

Optionally, where fitted, IP65-rated external start/stop/reset command buttons (Order Code: -SSR), allow continued operation during bad external weather conditions, or for repetetive operations without having to open the protective enclosure lid to change batch selections.

The ME995/ME3000/ME008M Batch Controllers / Monitors fit neatly into the internal panel mount enclosure. There is ample room for internal wiring and optional fitout for a industrial grade contactor for driving single phase pumped applications.