Now available is ManuFlo’s exciting new product — the FRT303 Flowrate Totaliser is designed to operate with a wide range of pulse/signal output or coil output flowmeters, providing an:

* instantaneous Flowrate reading, and
* a resetable Total display and Grand Total.

The FRT303 is applicable for many applications including irrigation, plant processes, and continuous dosing applications for shotcreting, pugmills etc.

To toggle the FRT303’s LCD display between the Total and the Grand Total, simply touch the front panel button once. To reset the Total, touch the front panel button twice.

Power is via either: an internal Lithium battery which has a life of up to 10 years; external 5-25 VDC supply; or loop powered.

The FRT303 has fully programmable optional features including pulse output, 4-20mA output, and Hi-Low flow setpoint outputs (for proportional valve control or setpoint alarms). All functions are entered via internal keypads and a menu display.

The LCD can be programmed to show flowrate and totals in a number of different units. A hinged lid protects the LCD from ultraviolet light.

All application parameters will be pre-programmed according to your requirements, including display unit preferences and the flowmeter K-factor.

The FRT303 will accept flowmeter input pulses from 0.2Hz to 2kHz.

The FRT303 is housed in a compact IP65 polycarbonate enclosure with folded mounts, allowing it to be used in various applications.

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