We at Manuflo are dedicated to providing you with the highest-quality flowmeters for all your fluid measurement needs. As an Australian company specialising in manufacturing and servicing flowmeters, we understand the crucial role accurate flow measurements play in various industries, including Agriculture, Aerospace, Chemical, Petrochemical, and Water Utilities.

In this article, we aim to shed light on the importance of proper flowmeter calibration and the steps we take to ensure the accuracy and safety of our products. Our commitment to excellence drives us to adhere to the best practices in calibrating flowmeters, making Manuflo the preferred choice for your fluid measurement solutions.

The Risks of Poor Calibration and Product Sale:

Proper calibration is crucial in avoiding risks associated with inaccurate readings. A poorly calibrated flowmeter can lead to incidents where customers receive less product than paid for, damaging our reputation and potentially leading to legal ramifications. Conversely, over-dispensing can lead to financial losses for your business. At Manuflo, we take calibration seriously to protect our clients and ourselves from such risks.

Ensuring Safety with Accurate Readings:

For industries that rely on flowmeters to regulate mechanical processes, such as combustion engines, inaccurate readings pose significant dangers. At Manuflo, we prioritise calibration precision to prevent engine failure, physical harm, and system inefficiencies caused by improper flow rates.

Calibration Schedules or Frequency:

Following the manufacturer’s recommended calibration schedule is essential. However, if you notice any discrepancies between the flow meter output and the actual flow, contact us immediately. Timely calibration ensures optimal performance and safety for your operations.

In conclusion, Manuflo is your trusted partner in delivering accurate and reliable flowmeters for your fluid measurement needs. Our dedication to precision, safety, and compliance with national standards sets us apart from competitors.

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