MES20 : PULSE OUTPUT ADMIXTURE FLOWMETER – Size 20mm – Positive Displacement

The MES20-DSP(OC) magnetically-coupled positive displacement pulse output flowmeter, with its nutating disc measurement principle flow chamber, provides a high resolution pulseout, making it suitable for a wide range of precision batching and flowrate monitoring applications, operating over a wide flow range.

The MES20 was introduced in 1995, and is now used throughout the world. It is the primary choice for most construction chemicals suppliers throughtout Australasia and other parts of the world for measuring and dispensing liquid admixture chemicals.

The nutating (wobble) disc measurement flow chamber employed in the MES20, makes the meter operate with only minimal headlosses and can pass small impurities without jamming. Measurement with a wide range of varying viscocity and specific gravity liquid water based admixtures is possible with negligable calibration variations. The optimum operating flow rate is at nominal (Nom) flow, expect at least 15 years operating life of the chamber with standard admixture liquids.

The pulsehead (electronic) is fully self contained unit, which attaches to the main meter body with a bayonet turn and lock fitting mechanism. Although the MES20 was designed primarily for economical measurement of concrete admixtures, it is also used for a wide range of other water based liquid measurement applications.

The newest MES flowmeter model (Digital Smart Pulse) -DSP, uses magnetic sensors and a microcontroller unit to process and sample the signals which provides the latest technology pulse output that is virtually vibration free.
Note: (-OC) Open contact version means the internal pull resistor is removed to operate with MANUFLO equipment and certain devices which already have an internal pull-resistor on their input circuit.


  • Measures Admixtures (Specific Gravity <= 1.4)
  • Nutating disc measuring chamber.
  • Small impurities can pass chamber without jamming.
  • Low hydraulic thrust minimises wear.
  • Exclusive 1 pulse per 1 millilitre output.
  • Pulses in forward/reverse directions.
  • 1.5 % accuracy curve.
  • 0.2 % repeatability of rate.
  • Conforms to AS3565-1988, Designed to meet AS3901