MES-P : PULSE OUTPUT FLOWMETER (20, 25, 32 and 40mm)



The MES range of nutating disc, magnetically-coupled, positive displacement pulse output flowmeters (introduced in 1995, with most still operational) are suitable for a wide range of precision batching and flowrate monitoring applications, operating from low to high flow ranges.

Unlike rotary piston and oval rotor principle meters, the nutating disc flow chamber can pass small impurities without jamming, whilst maintaining exceptional measurement accuracy with only minimal headlosses. Measurement of concrete admixtures and water-based chemicals with varying specific gravities up to 1.4 is achieved with only insignificant calibration variations (hence not having to change calibration values).

The new Pulsehead with digital smart pulse (DSP) transmitter is a self-contained unit which couples to the meter body with a bayonet lock and turn fitting connection, while being fully isolated from the fluid measuring chamber. Pulse outputs are available as Digital Pulse Output (replaces the Transistor type) or Contact Closure. The pulsehead unit is rated to IP63 protection (when using the outer cover cap).

The latest MES flowmeter Pulshead model “DSP” (Digital Smart Pulse), uses magnetic sensors and a microcontroller unit to process and sample the signals which provides latest technology ultra-stable pulse outputs.
In addition, DSP technology is optionally able to determine the direction of the flow, through three separate, live output channel options.

Further, optionally the number of pulses per litre can be be ordered for the output pulse as well, to make it suitable for expanded applications.
To make this design completely interchangeable with previous model pulseheads, the default output mode is standard with bi-directional pulse (Pulse output is live regardless of flow direction) and 1000 pulses per litre is standard on a 20mm measuring body. The different pulse value per litre will apply on the larger body sizes as per the table. Alternatively Output pulse value modes can be nominated at the time of purchase.


  • Flow Direction Detection with Forward/Reverse.
  • Optional pulse value per litre on any given size.
  • 4 – 35 V DC input voltage range.
  • P.D. Nutating (wobbling) disc measuring chamber.
  • Small impurities can pass chamber without jamming.
  • Low hydraulic thrust minimises wear.
  • High pulse output rate for precision flowrate and batching applications.
  • Measures Admixtures to 1.4-SG.
    Accuracy largely unaffected by varying visocities & S.G.
  • ± 1.5 % flow range accuracy curve.
  • ± 0.2 % repeatability or better
  • Sizes 20, 25, 32 & 40mm
  • Conforms to AS3565-1988, designed to meet AS3901.
  • Approvals : C700-AWWA,SDWA-NSF372