RMS : Rosemount Magnetic Flowmeters


RMS Rosemount electromagnetic flowmeters are capable of operating over a very wide flow range. They offer excellent performance (accuracy ± 0.5%), are ideal for measurement of water-based admixtures, wastewater and many other chemical, pharmaceutical and metallurgical applications. Almost any liquid can be measured, provided a minimum 5 microsiemens/cm conductivity is present. With no moving parts, and an obstruction-less bore, this type of flowmeter provides the highest level of performance – unaffected by specific gravity or viscosity variations, or the most contaminated of fluids, whilst maintaining a high degree of accuracy. Application examples include use in bulk chemical delivery tanker loading and transfers, tradewaste applications, plant and process measurement, recycle/slurry water batching applications in concrete plants.

The RMS 8711 wafer sensor is available in sizes from 4mm to 150mm, with a light-weight integral wafer mount cast steel sensing tube with standard ETFE Tefzel or PTFE Teflon liner and stainless steel electrodes (options include different liner/electrode materials and remote-mounted transmitters). The 8705 flanged sensors are ANSI-150, in sizes 15 – 150 mm. The RMS-S Sanitary Tri-Clamp sensor is available in sizes 25, 40, 50 and 80mm. The IP66 rated transmitter housing is either standard integral head mounted to the sensor tube, or remotely connected by a special low voltage cable for high temperature applications up to 177 °C. The housing is explosion-proof and RFI/EMI protected. Power is by standard 85-250 vac 50-60Hz, or optional 12-42 VDC.

Units are fully programmed and pre-wired to application requirements and wet tested. If requested, as an option, the units are fully fitted out with mounting pipe flanges, earthing, electrically wired, programmed to app. And flow tested. This fit-out ensures easy install and commissioning. An optional plug-in M4 display module (housed in the transmitter) is available which indicates flowrate and total display and alarm conditions. Onsite re-programming of set parameters is possible via the display.


  • Accuracy: ± 0.5% of rate from 0.3 to 10m/s. Repeatability: ± 0.2%
  • Wide flow range performance.
  • Empty pipe detection.
  • Virtually maintenance free with no moving parts.
  • Eliminates head-losses and need for filters.
  • Handles wide range of aggressive liquids.
  • Wafer sensor option – light weight and suitable for high pressure.
  • Robust construction for industrial use.
  • Digital pulse and analogue outputs.
  • AC or DC powered options.
  • Process temperature range: Integral unit to 70 °C, Remote unit to 177 °C.
  • Fully programmable via HART protocol or local display.
  • Approved for Class III hazardous applications (NEMA 4X).
  • Sanitary Tri-Clamp Stainless Steel option.