MFS : Electromagnetic flowmeters Sizes – 4mm to 150mm


The MagmasterTM electromagnetic flowmeter (specially configured in Australia – wired, programmed and tested by ManuFlo) is capable of operating over the widest possible flow ranges. It offers reference meter quality performance with ± 0.2% of reading, being ideal for measurement of water-based admixtures, wastewater, chemical and pharmaceutical, metallurgical and food applications. With no moving parts and an obstruction-less bore, this type of flowmeter guarantees the highest level of performance, unaffected by specific gravity or viscosity variations, or the most contaminated of fluids, whilst maintaining a high degree of accuracy.

Application examples include use in bulk chemical delivery tanker loading and transfers, shotcrete and liquid-grout applications, tradewaste applications, plant and process measurement, totaliser, flowrate or batching applications. Also proportional speed control via the current output signal . The uses are wide and far reaching.

MagmasterTM is available in sizes 4 to 150mm. It has a ANSI-150 flanged carbon steel sensing tube lined with Teflon, with Hastelloy-C electrodes with inbuilt earth electrode

The IP65-rated transmitter display box is remotely wired to the sensor tube by a low voltage 2-metre signal cable (can be extended). Power is by standard 85-265 vac or optional 11-40 VDC.


  • Unsurpassed accuracy to ± 0.2 %
  • Process temperature to 130oC.
  • Widest possible flow ranges.
  • Fully bi-directional operation.
  • Virtually maintenance free with no moving parts.
  • Eliminates head-losses and need for filters.
  • Handles widest range of aggressive liquids.
  • Robust construction for industrial use.
  • Frequency, analogue and alarm outputs.
  • Empty pipe detection.
  • Fully programmable via hyperlink.
  • Flow-rate and easy reset-able totaliser via wand or reset button option with multi-function display.
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