KMS302F : ‘S300’ Display Flanged Flowmeter (25-300mm)


KMS302F : Electromagnetic Flanged Flowmeters with ‘S300’display for grout, oxides and slurries (sizes: 25mm to 300mm)

The K-MAGS electromagnetic flowmeters are custom configured, wired, programmed, tested and supplied by ManuFlo. They offer quality performance with accuracy of ± 0.25% of rate and are capable of operating over very wide flow ranges. With no moving parts and an obstruction-less bore, this type of flowmeter guarantees the highest level of performance, unaffected by specific gravity or viscosity variations, or the most contaminated of fluids, whilst maintaining a high degree of accuracy for liquids with conductivity ≥ 5μS/cm. A unique self-verifying feature is implemented in K-mags, providing ultra-stable performance over time.

All K-MAGS are supplied fully wired, programmed to your specific application requirements, and tested, with Total and Flowrate display and outputs all configured. Application examples include use for measuring mining slurries, grouts, oxides, construction chemicals, food industry etc. The uses are wide and far reaching.


  • For grout, oxides, silicafume, recycle-water & selected slurry applications (up to 50% solids).
  • Polypropylene liner, Hastelloy C electrodes,
  • ANSI 150 lb or Australian versions available (AS4087 or TABLE)
  • K-MAGS Fully wired and custom programmed.
  • Flow sensor sizes 25 to 300mm
  • Self-verifying. Accuracy: ±0.25%.
  • Totaliser up to 10 digits. With Flowrate display.
  • Integral display or Remote via 2-metres cable to flowsensor.
  • Durable cast alloy display box (integral) or plastic (remote).
  • Pulse and 4-20mA outputs. HART protocol.
  • IP68 remote flow sensor (when potted).
  • Empty pipe detection.
  • Pressure rating standard to 1600 kpa (others available on request)
  • Process temperature: -5 oC to 90 oC
  • Measured liquid must have conductivity of at least 1 μS/cm (20μS/cm for water)
  • 85 – 253 vac or 11 – 31 vdc powered