MRPU4 : LCD Large Resettable counter flowmeters


The MRPU4 resettable counter flowmeter is designed and manufactured in Australia by ManuFlo. The MRPU4’s round display head has a 1” BSP male threaded stem section which allows the display head to be fitted to most 1” BSP female entries. Usually, the MRPU4’s are pre-fitted with a ManuFlo pipe adapter fitting. Adapters are available for a range of pipe sizes from 20 to 100 mm diameters, and the adapter range includes Galvanized Iron tees, Class18 Cat19 PVC high pressure tees, and saddle-clamp agricultural poly-pipe fittings.

(For concrete truck agitators, the similar MRP20 flowmeter range is available with cast Gunmetal 20mm flowtubes).

The MRPU4 is suitable for a wide range of medium to high flow range liquid flow measurement applications. Being internally battery powered, the unit is ideal in situations where no external power supply is accessible, making them totally portable resettable totaliser and rate flowmeters.

The flowmeter’s only moving part (a virtually indestructible SST rotor which turns as liquid flows past it) allows registration in Litres (L) or KiloLitres (KL) with a decimal place if required on the 4 digit Liquid Crystal resettable display counter. The main body component, consisting of the electronic counter board, is housed in a robust Gunmetal housing. The LCD display is visible through the glass window and sealed by a metal locking ring. The MRPU4 is rugged for harsh environments. The impact resistant ABS lid protects the LCD and glass from prolonged sun exposure, contaminants and breakage.

To operate, lift the hinged lid twice. This action automatically turns on power, and the Liquid Crystal display is zeroed ready for measurement. Liquid flow causes counting on the display. Closing the lid resets the digits. The internal lithium battery has a typical life of 5-10 years. NOTE: To conserve battery power a sleep mode function turns the display off after 5 minutes of no use (this interval programmable). The display is re-awakened either by flow occurring or by closing and re-opening the lid.


  • Total in Litres or optional KiloLitres
  • Easy reset of total via flip top lid.
  • ± 2.5% accuracy, at 0.7 – 8.0 m/s flow velocity Repeatability: ± 1.0%
  • Internal 3.6 v Lithium Battery (8+ year life).
  • Max. Process Temperature 110 oC
  • Max. Ambient Temperature 55 oC
  • Max. Operating Pressure: PVC Tee’ options rated to 1100 kPa. All Metal Tee options are rated 2000 kPa
  • With simple installation pipe fittings/adapters.
  • For pipe sizes from 20 to 100 mm
  • Optional pulse output, via M12 IP67 plugset
  • Used in Irrigation, Transit mixers, Slumpstands & many other applications.