TMP-1 : Manual Batching Docket Printer System (single channel)


The TMP-1 is wired to a pulse output flowmeter (e.g. ManuFlo PMS50 ProcessMaster). Note that all flowmeters require a full pipe when measuring, so ideally the flowmeter should have a riser after it to keep the pipe full.

The TMP-1’s component instruments are housed and protected in a rugged metal box, with a hinged key-lock lid. Since the enclosure is sealed to IP64, the unit can be mounted to the exterior chassis of delivery trucks. The monitor and printer are prewired, making it simple to connect your power supply and flowmeter pulses to the unit.

At the end of each manual batch, the TMP-1 (after a settable period of wait time after there is no activity) automatically provides batch quantity printout with date, time and Batch ID – ideal for delivery trucks or loading and discharge locations where a custody transfer docket is required. The printing of double dockets is optional, selectable via the menu.


  • Printer for automatic ticketing.
  • Ideal for delivery trucks or loading and discharge locations where custody transfer docket is required.
  • Prints Batch ID, quantity, time and date.
  • Optional front port, for downloading internal log of 500 batches.
  • Paper easily changed.
  • Rugged IP64 hinged enclosure, with key lock.
  • Contains wired and mounted ME6008M1 single channel Batch Monitor Printer Driver Unit and TTP-A5 printer.
  • Enclosure: 300 L x 300 H x 200 D mm.