TMP Batch Controller Ticket Printer System with Logging


  • Batch Controller and Printer for ticketing of automatic batches.
  • Ideal for delivery trucks or loading and discharge locations where custody transfer docket is required.
  • Prints Batch ID, quantity, time and date
  • Optional front port, for downloading internal log of 500 batches.
  • Paper easily changed.
  • Rugged IP64 hinged enclosure (optionally in Stainless Steel), with key lock.
  • contains wired and mounted ME3000-SC Batch Controller and TTP-A5 printer.
  • single channel.
  • enclosure: 300 L x 300 H x 200 D mm.

The user enters a liquid quantity to be delivered, and the system controls the pump/solenoid to automatically deliver the requested amount. At the end of each automatic batch, a batch ticket is printed. The printing of double dockets is optional, selectable via the menu.