ManuFlo Flowmeters connected with Outpost-Central Dataloggers used for Government water studies in commercial and residential applications


The ManuFlo RPFSLOD insertion paddlewheel pulse flowmeter wired in conjunction with Outpost-Central WASP dataloggers are providing accurate critical water usage data for the Food Agility Co-operative Research Centre. The flowmeters were selected for high resolution signals and because they are easily fitted to existing water irrigation pipelines via the large range of saddle-clamp adapters ranging in sizes up to 315mm diameter.


Sydney Water have been conducting a residential household water usage study over the last 2 years using a quantity of 400 government NMI approved ManuFlo CT5S20 (modified Itron TD8-20mm) positive displacement water flowmeters connected to Outpost-Central WASP dataloggers. The systems are gathering vital information for water usage data, for peak water demand. This will allow synchronization of De-sal water plant production in times of drought.

The CT5-S20 flowmeters are equipped with high-resolution pulses detecting volumes as low as 13 millilitres per signal, enabling measurement of low flow rates. The latest study will be conducted in Saudi Arabia in mid-2021.

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