5P : Batch Controller / PLC interface plug option


5P : Batch Controller / PLC interface plug option (suit ME995 / ME188)

5-pin socket and locking plug fitted to rear of ME995 or ME188 Batch Controllers.
Provides interface configuration to PLC/computer batch systems, via Start / Stop / Reset / Pulse / +12V / 0V.

  • The interface is used for connection to:
    PLCs with volt-free momentary commands e.g. Equinox Systems

    • Start, Stop, Reset generated externally by voltage-free momentary contact between these command lines and the internal +12V of the Batch Controller.
    • Pulse output is between Pulse and 0V. Maximum load is 8mA 12VDC sinking pulse.
  • PLCs of varying command voltages via ME5IC interface cards e.g. Jonel, Archer, COMMANDbatch.


  • Optionally fitted to rear of ME995 Batch Controllers.
  • Suitable for external PLC / remote command control (volt-free contacts).
  • Suitable for Jonel/Command Batch computer system control of ME995 controllers
    (via ME5IC interface cards for high voltage I/Os).