UIC : Universal Pulse Interface Card


The Universal Interface Card (UIC) provides signal scaling and an isolation interface to pulse flowmeter outputs, and re-transmits to PLC/computer inputs.

Three model variants are available:

  • UIC/A2 : 24-250 vac pulse switching via a heavy duty triac opto. (+5-12VDC supply)
  • UIC/A1 :  110-240 vac pulse switching via a triac opto. (+5-12VDC supply)
  • UIC/D : 5- 30 VDC NPN/PNP (sink/source) pulse switching via a 4N33 opto.(+5-12VDC supply)


  • Supply voltage: 5 to 12 VDC, must be regulated DC voltage (optional 24 VDC input with voltage regulator)
  • Input: Accepts Digital -OC, NPN Transistor or contact closure input flowmeter pulses
  • Pulse input frequency max: 2 kHz (e.g. with MES20)
  • UIC/A2 AC switching or UIC/A1 AC switching:
    • 24 – 250 vac switching* up to 1 Amp via CRYDOM-AO241 solid state opto triac, with surge protection to 2500 V RMS. Drives yellow Opto22 input modules or equivalent solid state inputs.
    • 110-240 vac switching* 3041 opto triac drives solid state inputs.
      • * Due to AC triac opto isolator characteristics, frequency output to computer inputs should not exceed 15Hz


  • UIC/D Open Collector switching Pulse Data: 5-30 VDC via 4N33 Motorola opto, open collector (sink or source), surge protection to 7500 V RMS. (Drives white Opto22 or other solid state inputs)
  • Pulse Data: Pulses from flowmeters can be needle shaped, so UIC’s Schmitt trigger input filters possible industrial noise. UIC output pulses are conditioned to near 50% duty cycle.

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