CT5-S25 : 25mm Totaliser Positive Displacement Flowmeter


CT5-S25 : 25mm totaliser positive displacement flowmeter with high rate 36 pulses/Litre pulse output

The CT5-S25 25mm water meter is suitable for measurement of cold water up to 30 °C continuously (and up to 50 °C for up to 2 hours) with a working pressure upto 1200 kPa. The meter offers great accuracy and a long operating life for domestic drinking water applications.

The mechanical counter register is positioned for easy reading and displays from 0.5 to 100,000,000 Litres. The precision engineered rotary piston measuring chamber ensures accurate measurement even at very low starting flow rates. Meters can be installed in any position without affecting accuracy and require no onsite calibration. An inline filter element prevents blockages and an internal check valve stops backflows (can optionally have dual check-valves).

CT5-S25 flowmeters are fitted with a high resolution reed switch contact closure output. At the request of various water authorities, with Manuflo technology, 36 pulses per Litre (ppL) output signal is achieved (at nominal flow), which is the highest amount of pulses per Litre for a domestic water meter of this size (whilst retaining the mechanical register). This allows capture of precision water measurement information to data-loggers and to other data collection devices. Very accurate data can then be obtained for water usage totals and flowrate habits of consumers. Electrical connection is via a 1.5 metre 2-core shielded cable.

All meters are supplied with a gasket seat coupling connection kit (optional ball seat available). CT5-S25 flowmeters are manufactured from high quality materials to meet Australian specification requirements.
The CT5-S25 25mm provides the best pulse output rate for domestic water meters of this size, with 36 pulses/Litre.


  • Volumetric rotary piston principle, measures accurately in any position.
  • Mechanical totaliser.
  • 36 pulses/Litre Reed Switch contact closure output for precision data collection and flowrate readings.
  • Designed to meet AS3565.1-1998.
  • Accuracy (Qt to Qs): ±2%, Repeatability: ±0.15%