KMS703 : Internal Battery Flowmeter (25-300mm)


KMS703 : Electromagnetic Internal Battery Powered Flowmeters – Ideal for remote locations / no available power source (sizes: 25mm to 300mm)

The KMS703 is a battery powered electromagnetic flowmeter which is ideal for remote location where no power connection is available and provides certainty in case of power failure. The strengths of the KMS703 lies in its unique flow sensor construction with a rectangular and reduced cross section and its efficient coil construction.

All KMS703 are supplied fully wired, programmed to your specific application requirements, and tested, with Total and Flowrate display and outputs all configured. Application examples include use for measuring raw water, irrigation water, potable water and other liquid with conductivity of >50μS/cm.


  • For measurement of waste water, bore water, irrigation and liquids on application.
  • Internal battery powered – ideal for remote locations, or where an external power supply is not available.
  • Rugged construction with no moving parts – ensures long, maintenance-free flowmeter life.
  • Bi-directional Flowrate and Totaliser electronic display housed industrial grade rugged enclosure.
  • Display can be either integral or remote via pre-wired cable, standard 10 metres or to required length [25metres max].
  • Pulse output -for connection to external reset counter or PLC. 50Hz max., 50% nominal duty cycle.
  • Internal Version x 2 internal D-batteries.
  • Typically up to 15 years battery life, site-replaceable batteries. Remote Version internal or remote battery pack.
  • IP68 Potting pack for remote sensor included.
  • Built-in reference electrode, No grounding rings needed Measured liquid must have conductivity >50μS/cm Accuracy: ±0.2% ± 0.5 mm/s
  • Temperature range: 0 to 70° C;
  • Pressure: to 1600 kPa (Flanged CL16).
  • Rectangular bore flow profiling means zero pipe runs. With NMI-M10 – AS4747 Australian Pattern Approval including NSW DPIE
  • K-MAGS custom programmed eng. units at time of order