ME4-T : 4 Digit Battery Powered LCD Resettable Counter Display


The ME4-T resettable counter is custom designed and manufactured in Australia by ManuFlo. The ME4-T will operate for example with CMM25 and RPFS-L pulsing flowmeters. The unit is ideal for concrete Batch plant SLUMPSTAND applications for final adding of water into the Mobile concrete truck mixers. The display is easily reset by closing the lid and re-opening again or optionally by external contact closure. An internal long life lithium battery powers the LCD and circuit. When not in use the indicator will go in to ‘Sleep’ mode which prolongs the battery life up to 10+ years. The unit is woken by a magnet when the lid is opened.

The ME4-T will accept flowmeter input pulses up to a maximum of 500 Hz from e.g. CMM25 and RPFS-L flowmeters.
e.g. The flowmeters pulse rate multiply by flowrate must not exceed 500hz.
The unit is housed in a compact IP65 ASA (acrylonitrile styrene acrylate) enclosure with high UV and impact resistance making it suitable for constant exposure to the harshest of weather conditions. The housing includes fastening lugs for securing to an upright structure or wall mount.

Prior to shipping the ME4-T will be custom wired and programmed by ManuFlo according to your requirements including ‘K-factor’ input. Any subsequent calibrations in situ can be performed either by the on-board push buttons for example using the user friendly smart 1 point re-calibration-self calculation function, or alternatively via a free app using NFC capable smart phones.


  • 4 digit Large (20mm high) LCD resettable totalizer
  • Total displayed in LITRES
  • Easy reset of total via flip top lid.
  • No power required incorporating internal 3.6 v Lithium Battery (10+ year life).
  • Maximum ambient Temperature 55 oC
  • Robust ASA high impact, high UV resistant, IP65 Display housing
  • Dual Hinged lid protects LCD from sunlight, with magnet secure function.
  • With NFC capability offering easy access for programming and re-calibration or Simple internal push button K-factor settings.
  • Can be used with pulsing flowmeters e.g. CMM25 or RPFS-L(GAL25-T2)
  • Optional pulse output :
    • Pulse output is disabled when lid is closed (code -P)
    • Live even when lid is closed (code –PL)
    • Option for Continuous Live LCD display (code –NS “no sleep mode”)