The ME5-T digital indicator is designed to operate with a wide range of pulse/signal output or coil output flowmeters, providing a resettable Volume Total display in chosen engineering units. To reset the Total simply push the front panel button once. This button also brings the unit out of ‘dormancy’ a function that preserves battery usage when not in operation.

Power is via either: an internal Lithium battery which has a typical life of up to 10 years or optional external 5-25 VDC, or 240 vac. The ME5-T will accept flowmeter input pulses up to 2000 Hz.

The ME5-T is housed in a compact IP65 Polycarbonate enclosure with molded mounts, which allows it to be used in a wide range of field applications. All application parameters are pre-programmed according to customer requirements, including display unit preferences and flowmeter K-factor. Scaling can be recalibrated in situ if necessary, using the internal operator buttons.


  • 5 Digit LCD Display of Total Volume.
  • Easy reset total button on front panel or optionally via internal reset.
  • Ideal for pulse flowmeters requiring additional large display reset of total.
  • Power options: Internal Lithium battery with up to 10 year life span or Externally powered 240 VAC or 5 – 25 VDC models.
  • Pulse output option for dataloggers / PLC’s.
  • IP65 wall mountable enclosure with flip up lid to protect LCD.
  • User friendly and fully programmable functionality.
  • Maximum ambient Temperature 55 oC.
  • Made in Australia by ManuFlo.