ME995-6 : LITRES decimal point CONTROLLER


The ME995-6 LITRES decimal point preset batch controller with new features complies with Quality Assurance requirements. It incorporates a standard preact (overflow deduct) feature and a contact drive LED indicator. With the ME995 series batch controller using the same 10 pin Weidmuller receptacle plug as the previous ME188-6, changeover and replacement is instant with no rewiring necessary. The ME995-6 controller can easily be interfaced with PLCs, thus incorporating it’s safety features and providing a backup batch facility or as a setpoint controller.

Batch quantities are easily selected using the 3 rotary selector switches. The batch operator can also visually refer to the numbered selector dials for the batch quantity selected. Command operations are by user-friendly toggle switches, and four LEDs indicate operational status conditions.

Batch counting and selection is in increments of 0.1Litres. The seven segment LEDs count upward, to a maximum of 99.9 litres. The batch controller operates from standard 220 – 260 vac (or optional 110 vac or 12 – 24 VDC) voltage supplies. Contact output drive is via one (or optional two) relays. Standard controllers are in panel mount form, or optionally can be housed in a metal housing box or IP65 ABS wall mount enclosure.

The ME995-6 controller is designed for compatibility with MES20, AMM and MM , 1 millilitre per 1 pulse output flowmeters. (1000ppl)


  • 3 Digit LED display
  • 4 x LED status indicators
  • Preact function and preset maximum limit
  • Missing pulse detection
  • Counts in 0.1 Litre increments upto 99.9
  • Optional PLC/ computer interface
  • Interchangeable with earlier ME188 models