RPFS-LS : Insertion Paddlewheel – Long Stem


RPFS-LS : ROTA PULSE FLOW SENSOR – LONG STEM (Insertion Paddlewheel for pipes diameters)

The new LONG STEM Rota Pulse Flow Sensor (RPFS-LS) paddlewheel slip insertion type flowmeter has been introduced into the ManuFlo range to cater for the more difficult to adapt to larger pipe diameters greater than 150mm.

The flow meter comes in two model variants:

• RPFS-H-LS NPN pulse output.
• RPFS-L-LS low current inductive pulse for battery powered devices.

The flowsensors insert directly into a brass 1” diameter long stem special pipe adaptor fitting. This fitting can be used to insert into 1” BSP (female) entries. It can also be adapted to our large range of pipe adapter fittings available in PVC and Polypropelene saddle clamps, covering pipe sizes 150 to 315mm (standard sizes) and larger as required (or your own irrigation saddles and tapping bands). This makes the RPFS-LS long stem sensor suitable for a wide range of liquid flow measurement, monitoring and batching applications where larger pipe diameters are used.

With only one moving part and limited intrusion into the pipe, and combined with its flow-through design, RPFS-LS flowsensors allow accurate measurement of liquid flows with virtually no headloss. Each of the 4 blades of the rotor (paddlewheel) extends at least one centimetre past the internal curvature of the pipe into the flowing liquid. The RPFS-H-LS sensor generates a square wave pulse with the output frequency proportional to flow velocity and pipe diameter. The RPFS-L-LS produces a sine wave coil output, ideal for low power application with battery powered devices such as the FRT303-B indicator.

Magnets are not used in the RPFS models, thereby eliminating iron particles jamming the rotor. The alloy rotor used also makes the RPFS less susceptible to interference from turbulence and particles hitting the rotor, thereby giving superior flow results.


  • ± 2.5% accuracy @ velocity range 0.5 to 8.5 m/sec.
  • ± 1 % accuracy over linear range 0.7 to 7.0 m/sec.
  • Repeatability of ±0.6%.
  • NPN inductive pulse with internal amplification, or
    Inductive coil pulse version for battery powered low current apps.
  • To 120°C temperature
  • Simple installation and maintenance.
  • Large range of pipe adapter fittings in sizes 150mm>.
  • Special Long stem design brass housing
  • Stainless Steel 17-4PH paddlewheel rotor without magnets.