RPFS-LOM : Slip Insertion Paddlewheel


RPFS-LOM : ROTA PULSE FLOW SENSOR MINI – Slip Insertion Paddlewheel with inductive coil pulse output & built in op-amp circuit

The RPFS-LOM flow sensor can be inserted and mated to a range of metal/alloy pipe lines from 20mm to 100mm diameter via its special slip insertion BSPBBM keyway adapter fitting.
This makes the RPFS-LOM flow sensor suitable for a wide range of liquid flow measurement, monitoring and batching for battery powered or low current requirement applications.

With only one moving part and limited intrusion into the pipe, and combined with its flow-through design, the paddlewheel allows accurate measurement of liquid flows with virtually no head losses.

Each of the 4 blades of the rotor (paddlewheel) extends approximately 5millilitres into the flowing liquid. The RPFS-LOM sensor generates a square wave pulse with the frequency output proportional to flow velocity and proportional to pipe diameter.

Magnets are not used, thereby eliminating iron particles jamming the rotor. The alloy rotor used also makes the RPFS less susceptible to interference from turbulence and particles hitting the rotor, thereby giving superior flow results at high speed measurements.


  • Ideal for Data Loggers and other battery powered devices
  • Inductive pulse output with op-amp for low current consumption requirement application
  • Voltage supply range of 2.7 to 5 VDC.
  • M12 connection with mating 5metre straight or 90deg angle pulse cable lead
  • ± 2.5% accuracy curve @ 0.5 to 8.5 m/sec. range ± 1.5% accuracy curve @ 0.7 to 7.0 m/sec. range
  • Repeatability of rate ±0.5%.
  • Maximum process temperature 60°C.
  • Simple installation and maintenance.
  • Large range of pipe adapter fittings: Adaptable to pipe sizes 20 to 100mm diameter
  • S/S-17-4PH paddlewheel rotor without magnets.