The MRT20-T2 resettable counter is designed and manufactured by ManuFlo for use on mobile concrete transit truck mixers (agitators). Constructed of tough materials, the MRT20-T2 can withstand the abuses experienced in the premix concrete industry.
The gun-metal pipe flow-tube has 20mm (3⁄4”) BSP male threaded ends and is fully interchangeable with its predecessor the MRP20-T2 retaining the same flow tube insertion length.

The MRT20-T2 flowmeter is suitable for general medium to high flow range water flow measurement applications. Being internally Lithium battery powered, it is ideal in situations where no external power supply is accessible, making it a totally portable flowmeter. A pulse output is optionally available for logging and remote GSM tracking applications.

The self-contained LCD counter, registers flow in total Litres. The only moving part is an alloy rotor which turns as liquid flows past it. The high impact ASA lid protects the LCD and front cover from prolonged sun exposure, contaminants and breakage.

To operate, lift the hinged lid twice (some models once). This action automatically turns on power and the Liquid Crystal display is zeroed ready for measurement. Liquid flow causes counting on the display and closing the lid resets the digits. The internal lithium battery has a typical life of 10+ years. NOTE: A sleep mode function turns the display off after 5 minutes of no use. The display is re- awakened either by flow occurring or by closing and re-opening the lid.


  •  Total displayed in Litres (with optional 1 decimal place)
  • Premium ASA (acrylonitrile styrene acrylate) high impact, high UV resistant IP65 Display Housing
  • LCD viewing window with 3M film scratch protection.
  • Dual Hinged robust lid protects LCD from sunlight, with magnetic flip lid reset of total.
  • Slip insertion sensor design with locking cap allows simple removal from pipeline if cleaning rotor.
  • Easy Access for re-calibration and smart 1 point re-calibration function.
  • Optional External re-calibrate via Portable Device with RFID calibration software via NFC Andriod.

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