MRTU6 : LCD Dual Resettable counter and Rate flowmeter


MRTU6 : LCD Dual Resettable counter and Rate flowmeters (Universal Slip Insertion Paddlewheel)

The MRTU6 resettable counter flowmeter is designed and manufactured in Australia by ManuFlo. The MRTU6 has a unique ‘quick release’ slip insertion stem section designed to be inserted to the ManuFlo 1” nipple adaptors (part BSPB etc) which allows the display head to be fitted to most 1” BSP female entries. Usually, the MRTU6 is pre-fitted with a ManuFlo ‘T’ piece pipe adapter, adapters are available for a range of pipe sizes from 20 to 315 mm diameters, and the adapter range includes Galvanized Iron tees, Class18 Cat19 PVC high pressure tees, and saddle-clamp agricultural poly-pipe fittings, the advantage being we pre-install the MRTU6 for you on to the fitting and pre-calibrate on our NMI certified test rig (sizes 20mm – 100mm) to obtain the best K-factor value. Or optionally you may purchase our BSPB or BSPB-LS pipe adaptor nipples (1” BSP M external thread) in brass or optional version BSPSS in 316 SS material.

The MRTU6 is suitable for medium to high flow range liquid flow measurement applications. Being internally battery powered, the unit is ideal in situations where no external power supply is accessible, making them totally portable resettable totaliser and rate flowmeters and with optional pulse output to data logger or PLC. NOTE: As standard the pulse output is live even when lid is closed however this feature can be disabled by adding -PNL (pulse is disabled when lid closed) to the order code.

The flowmeter’s only moving part (a stainless steel alloy rotor which turns as liquid flows past it) allows registration in Litres (L) or KiloLitres (KL) with up to 3 decimal places on the 6 digit Liquid Crystal resettable display counter with flowrate indicator in Litres per minute (L/M) or Litres per second (L/S) up to 2 decimal places. The main body component, consisting of the electronic counter board, is housed in a robust ABS-UV resistant IP65 enclosure. The LCD display is visible through the toughened ABS-UV window and sealed by a recessed gasket and 4 stainless steel screws. A special scratch resistant film allows optimal reading even in the harshest conditions. The impact resistant ABS-UV lid protects the LCD from prolonged sun exposure, contaminants and breakage.

To operate, open the hinged lid and the previously recorded total will be present, open and close the lid again and the Liquid Crystal Display is zeroed ready for a new batch measurement. Liquid flow turning the rotor blades causes counting on the display. The internal lithium battery has a typical life of 8+ years depending on environmental conditions.


  • 6 digit LCD resettable or non-reset totalizer (12mm high), and 5 digit flowrate
  • Total in LITRES or optional KiloLitres
  • Flowrate in LPM or optional LPS
  • Easy reset of total via flip top lid.
  • ± 2.5% accuracy, at 0.7 – 8.0 m/s flow velocity
  • Repeatability: ± 1.0%
  • Internal 3.6 v Lithium Battery (8+ year life).
  • Max. Process Temperature 80 oC
  • Max. Ambient Temperature 55 oC
  • Max. Operating Pressure: PVC Tee’ options rated to 1100 kPaAll Metal Tee options are rated 1600 kPa
  • With simple installation pipe fittings/adapters.
  • For pipe sizes from 20 to 100 mm (short stem version) or 110 to 500mm (long stem version)
  • Optional pulse output, via M12 IP67 plugset
  • Robust ASA-UV IP65 Display housing Dual Hinged robust lid protects LCD from sunlight.
  • Slip insertion sensor design with locking cap allows simple removal from pipeline if cleaning rotor.
  • Easier Access for re-calibration and user friendly smart 1 point re-calibration function –self calculation for a new K- factor.
  • Optional External re-calibrate via Portable Device with RFID and EWM calibration software.
  • Dual display: Rate + Reset Total 6-digit LCD (12mm high) counts in LITRES or KILOLITRES.
  • Pulse Output is Live even when lid is closed or optionally Pulse Output is Disabled when lid is closed (code -PNL)
  • Option for continuous Live LCD (code -NS)
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